SecureBucket is dedicated to supplying all services to our respective clients at 100% uptime at an efficient and professional level. This SLA or also known as the Service Level Agreement applies to all shared clients. The Client agrees that measurements via our internal support team will establish the necessary support and or level of services required. In the event you wish to claim SLA Credit please open a billing ticket.

Service Downtime is any unplanned interruption in Service Availability during which the Client is unable to access the services as described in preceding section, provided the interruption is determined to have been caused by a problem in the immediate SecureBucket services and or network segment as confirmed by SecureBucket Services. Downtime is measured as the total length of time of the unplanned interruption in Service Availability during a calendar month. SecureBucket is not responsible for any unplanned outages due to third-party software/hardware failure.

Service level agreement credit occurs after a service has been unreachable for more than 20 consecutive minutes. For each hour of consecutive downtime after the 20 minutes the client will be credited credit equivalent in hours and rounded up to the nearest day.

Currently we do not credit/refund SLA claims to original payment methods, only to account credit unless exclusion is made.

Service Level Agreement Exclusion.

We here at SecureBucket appreciate and care about all our clients but as such some limitation and or exclusions must be subjected to this agreement. Therefor performance credit an or general credit and refunds will not be applicable within the following events.

  1. Acts of God; in the event downtime is suffered due to extreme weather at data centres and or any other means defined by legislation will not be covered.
  2. Any unlawful activities against the client and or caused by the client; such as DDOS attacks, server illegal activities and terminations.
  3. Internet unavailability due to client issues; In the event the client’s own internet and or uptime is interrupted not caused by SecureBucket.
  4. And/or exceeding resourced allocated by the Clients plan.
  5. If SecureBucket bealives SLA claim to be fradulend.